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Thank you for joining me at Patrick Arundell Astrology YouTube Channel. Virgo Weekly Horoscope 7th October - a slice of financial fortune is possible.

Is 12 or 13 the Most Sacred Number of the Moon? In recent years, there have been many articles and books claiming that the number 13 is the most sacred number for the Moon. However, the Moon actually intimately connects with the numbers 12, 13 and If you are tracking the Moon return to a certain zodiacal degree, say zero Capricorn, it will return to that degree every If you divide That means the Moon will cross that point or any other starting point 13 times each year.

That is why there are 12 months moonths in a year. It is important to realize the number 13 for the Moon is NOT what most people think it is. There are NOT 13 Full Moons every year regardless of whether you are tracking a calendar year, or a seasonal year — from one December Solstice to the next. Actually more often than not there are only 12 Full Moons a year.

That is why both 12 and 13 are sacred numbers, or sacred patterns for the Moon. Additionally, the 19 year pattern or cycle of the Moon is significant to our personal experience especially when we are turning 19, 38, 57, 76, and This 19 year Moon cycle is related to the Nodes of the Moon and the Eclipses. The point here is that there is more than one sacred number for the Moon, as the Moon has many patterns that are worth knowing and understanding, because these patterns do play out in our personal and collective experience.

The Tables Below show the patterns of the Full Moon occurring about every three years no matter what pattern you are tracking. Full Moon — Eclipse.

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Feb 19 Full Moon. Mar 20 Apr 19 May 18 Jun 17 Jul 16 Aug 15 Oct 13 Nov 12 Hi Cayelin… great article!!! Janet Booth on July 22, at am Hi, Cayelin — I enjoy your newsletters and was glad to see you explain the difference between the true origin of the term blue moon and the more common erroneous interpretation in use today. Each of the full moons had a name and a place in its season.

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When there was an extra full moon in winter, it affected the timing of Lent and Easter which is defined as the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. Thus, a blue moon does occur in a season with four full moons but it is NOT the fourth full moon, rather the third in the season. This method keeps the seasonal full moon names on track. The seasonal type occurs five times in a dozen years using the 3rd of 4 in season definition : Nov. Janet Booth. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so it is a significant event. Although your article focuses on Full Moons, the opposite is true as well — there will be two New Moons in the same month or sign in between when there are two Full Moons in the same month or sign.

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These events are just as important, if not more than Full Moons. During Full Moons, we have both classical planets, the Sun and the Moon, pulling on the Earth in opposite directions. However, during a New Moon phase those gravitational pulls are even greater when you have both the Moon and the Sun tugging on the Earth in the same direction. Plus as you mentioned when the Moon is Perigee or closest to the Earth the New Moon and Full Moon will have a greater affect on the tides and the weather patterns as was evidenced in the summer of when we had several occurrences of these Moon phases near the perigee.

I was in Wisconsin when they had all that mid-west flooding and tornadoes just after a Full Moon near Perigee that was also an out-of bounds Moon crossing Galactic Center. So that adds a whole other dimension to consider as well. The reason I focused on Full Moons is because they are so dramatically visible. New Moons as currently calculated are not seen. Also, in Shamanic Astrology we do not see the Moon in Cancer as more important than any other sign.

In fact those born with a Cancer Moon tend to have significant challenges that are culturally related.

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I know a more traditional approach to astrology says the Moon rules Cancer. The Moon does resonate most with Cancer but is equally important in all the signs. I feel very knowledgeable about the subject now. Thank you, Cayelin. Jan Erik Wiklund on August 29, at pm The full moon effect is not 3, but 5 days, this is because the moon is in the earths magnetosphere for 5 days 2,5 before and 2,5 after exact full moon. What I was speaking of in the article is that visually the Moon is Full for three Nights — so experientially the Full Moon is rising very full with very little discernible difference for at least 3 nights.

Im a long time student of the Arcane School started by Alice Bailey and there we follow the moon cycles in meditation. An the Tibetan master tells us that 2 days before the full moon is a time of purification to let in the energies of the sign the sun is in, the full moon day is a day of reception and concentration and the 2 day after are days were the energies are send out to the collective field.

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So one day I checked the astronomy behind that, and I find out that the moon is only inside the earths magnetosphere for the five fullmoon days, and those days the energy from the sun can come in to the earths field without interference from the moon. Those days the moon is bombarded by particles that circulate in the earths field. I will try to find the link to the astronomy site were I found that information. Cayelin on August 30, at am Thank you Jan. Very cool! And I hope you can find the link as this would help explain the experience so many have around the effects of the Full Moon….

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Her insights on planetary alignments dance with gems of wisdom, mystery, and gracious guidance… Cayelin empowers her readers to participate with planetary magic through practical celebration. Does your surgery add something to your body, or remove something from your body? The waxing Moon is best to add to your body.

The waxing lunar phase starts on a new Moon and lasts for the next two weeks, building up to the full Moon. The waning Moon is best to remove from your body. The waning lunar phase starts the day after the full Moon and lasts for the next two weeks as the full Moon wanes down to the next new Moon. People often confuse waxing and waning because when they think of waxing, they think of candle wax melting.

But waxing is building up to the full Moon, not melting down after the full Moon. Wane down is like wind down to help you remember.


No Full Moon! Avoid scheduling surgeries or operations of any kind on or close to a full Moon! Bruising and swelling is much greater on a full Moon. Like sap rising in a tree or the powerful ocean tides, fluids rise on the full Moon. Schedule operations to remove starting 3 days after the full Moon as the Moon wanes down.

Get that established first. Then when you are selecting your surgery date, consider the season! If you have a choice about when to schedule surgery, chose a time in spring, summer, or autumn. Avoid the cold and flu season of winter when hospital staff could be sick, people ares distracted by the holidays, and when your own immune system is weaken by harsh weather. If you have any sort of sensitivity to loss of light in winter, it will be easier to keep your spirits up when there is more light outside.

Keeping your spirits up. The Moon changes signs every two to three days. For examples, avoid breast surgery during the Moon in Cancer, avoid an abortion during Moon in Scorpio, and avoid knee surgery during Moon in Capricorn. In general, the most favorable lunar signs for surgery are Earth signs Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. These Earth signs are the most grounding for any type of operations or change of the physical body. They are the best signs for good food, health focus, healing, and stamina. Fire sign Moons are dynamic and focus on accomplishment.

I recently did dental work a new crown on a Sagittarius Moon because my Moon is in Sagittarius. The dental work went quickly, and we stayed on target without distractions. Still, I prefer Earth sign Moons for surgery.

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If you can select your surgery date when the Moon is not void of course, then do so. Void of course means the Moon is changing to the next sign. But so much surgery is routine that the void Moon often is not a strong influence because the doctor is not innovating new methods — and practicing on you! Mutable Moon signs are fast and easy. Cardinal Moon signs are good to get things done. Fixed Moon signs are slow and steady. All modalities are good; they just bring different energy.

Mercury retrograde is usually not a problem for surgery. Surgery is very routine, not highly mercurial. Surgeons are not making up new methods as they go. Mercury is retrograde for three weeks. If your surgery is during these three weeks:. Allow enough time to get to your surgery appointment, and plan to arrive early. Feng Shui tips.