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Thank you for joining me at Patrick Arundell Astrology YouTube Channel. Virgo Weekly Horoscope 7th October - a slice of financial fortune is possible.

I can't stand it when Saturn gets a bad rap because that is not how Astrology is supposed to work. Now folks, Saturn is supposed to be your father, not something to fear. Saturn rules the father and you are not supposed to fear your daddy. Saturn is 'the enforcer' of rules and discipline and wears a belt of rings.

Sometimes Saturn the father or authority figure takes off his belt and swats us on the butt and sometimes he tightens his belt to put the 'squeeze on' us because we are out of line and we need to be restricted or limited for our own protection. We humans are an unruly lot and often times we need our chain yanked to keep us straight so we will fly right. Saturn is the disciplinarian and authority figure father figure but you will only experience this if you need it.

Do you need it? Saturn limits, restricts, squeezes and monitors to keep you in-check. Saturn doesn't restrict you because you don't need it. Saturn restricts you because you do need it. For instance, don't expect to handle a lot, if you can't handle a little. You will keep experiencing 'a little' until you can handle it rightly.

You could correct yourself but if you need 'the father' Saturn to step in and use his belt, then believe me, he will take off his belt or tighten it. Saturn has rings around it a belt for a reason.

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July 1, until December 17, on DrStandley. Saturn is solid. Saturn has your back. Saturn has longevity and will really hang in there. Saturn will hold its ground while continually climbing UP like the mountain goat 'Capricorn'. Saturn in Capricorn is in its natural 'Home' placement and is quite comfortable here.

This is a Good thing! Saturn can endure and really hang in there, like the mountain goat does for incredibly long periods of time. Saturn rules longevity and time. Saturn is 'Father Time'. The mountain goat knows the summit is there for the taking and the mountain goat will get there. Dang straight he will get there! Saturn will kick others ass if they mess with you while you are doing your thing 'rightly'.

So do your thing 'rightly' and Saturn will have your back. Saturn has commitment, timing and longevity. Saturn is the proud papa and wants to pat you on the back, give you a reward and say, "See that one right there? That's my kid. You can be that kid!!! Saturn will also not only take the keys, Saturn will sell the car if you can't handle it. Saturn won't really put up with you doing C work if you are A capable. So we get the first chance to get it right, then we get the second chance and then we get the third chance before we progress forward.

God is Good folks. He is not giving us two or three chances just to mess with us and screw up our lives. God is giving us three chances to get it right because He is Awesome and because He Loves us.

Saturn in Capricorn 2018-2020 In Depth Predictions for the 12 Signs with Vedic Astrology from Levi

If you look at Retrogrades as a 'Do Over' then they will be much easier to handle because you will be looking for how you can do something better the second and third time around. So when the degrees pass over the first time, look at that time period closely to see what you will be repeating a second and third time in order to get it right before progressing forward. It's all Good!

Get your charts out and check the degrees where Saturn will impact your chart.

Planetary Trends for October 12222

Loretta J. Standley - All Rights Reserved. This Calendar was personally created by Dr. Career growth would come through sincere efforts and hard work. An unhealthy lifestyle might lead to health issues. Avoid making any investments during this period. Saturn Transit indicates a property-related dispute might trouble you. Students would perform well. Indulge in religious work for peace of mind. During Saturn Transit , students would get new opportunities of growth.

Plans of business expansion would profit you. Professional growth is quite likely. Investments would bring profitable returns. Your willpower and determination would considerably improve. Income as well as expenses appears to rise. Long journeys are possible. Saturn Transit for Scorpio: Saturn is in your 2nd house, Scorpio. During Saturn Transit , financial success would require more hard work.

Saturn-Mars Mutual Aspect September 25 – November 9

You may get a chance to work abroad. Investments are highly favored in Avoid useless arguments with family members, as it might spoil relations. Speak softly and thoughtfully. Saturn Transit might lead you to stay away from your family. Small investments seem profitable during this period.

Control your words and speak wisely.

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Relation with your spouse might suffer. Increasing work pressure might stress you out. Plan a break and travel to find peace. Eat healthy. Your siblings may grow professionally. Saturn Transit for Capricorn: Saturn is transiting your 12th house, Capricorn. Students may go abroad for further studies. Control your expenses during this period. During Saturn Transit , career growth is quite likely. A promotion is on the cards. Losses due to involvement in immoral practices are quite possible.

The Astrology of Year 12222

Keep your anger in check. New chances of career growth would come your way. Health wise, you would be in the best shape during this period.


During Saturn Transit , your spirituality may rise. Chances of winning a lottery or huge financial gains are high.

5 Tips For Surviving the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn – Patrick Watson

Keeping low expectations from your spouse would be helpful. Spend more time with your spouse for improvements. Saturn Transit for Pisces: Saturn moves in your 10th house, Pisces. Success would require more hard work and efforts. For investments, this time looks average. A job change seems to bring professional growth. Excessive traveling is possible. Spend wisely, as expenses seem to rise. Make time for family and maintain a work-home balance.

You may plan a trip with your friends. Ved Shastra. Home The Secrets of Horoscope Unlocked!