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My address numbers add up to 13, as does my phone. I have mailbox Many many more in my life. I had my first born when I was 2 x He was the 13th baby born in that hospital on Friday the 13th. I had my second child when I was 3 x He was not born on the 13th, but was born at and weighed 9lbs 13oz. My children are obviously 13 years apart. In I was 5 x 13, my oldest was 3 x 13 and my youngest was 2 x My address adds up to 13, as does my phone number. My mailbox is number There are many many more in my life.

I just take for granted now that the number 13 will be in any major part of my life. Today the power of God is moving, Speaking within me spiritually. The opportunity have come to do a T. V Program the cost of it has been my prayer. Today the number 13 i wrote??? But God present his Spirit I feel so much right now with me. It is hard for me to explain. But nothing is happening??? What i don't know. But 13 is apart of the answer. Hi, i came to your website to find some answers and hoping to get it.

I'm not really into numbers but for some reasons i'm being haunted and followed by the number It all started when i dated my ex-boyfriend 2 years ago.. There are alot of incidents that have happened to me that had something to do with the number These are few: My ex-boyfriend was born on October 13 My brother was also born on October 13 Friend 1 was born on May 13 Friend 2 was also born on May 13 A person i recently met was also born on May 13 My recent ex-boyfriend was born on June 13 Friend 3 was also born on June 13 Most of the likes i get on my social medias are always 13 At the current time, i have unread mails There are many more incidents with this number but they are too many to list them.

This could be a coincidence, maybe i'm just paranoid or I'm exaggerating. At first i tried to ignore this but this is happening more and more frequently to me. It's starting to make me feel anxious and i feel like i need to know what does this mean? Is this some kind of a sign? What could it be? Why am i being followed and haunted by the number 13? Please help! I love nature but can't say that I really enjoy animals although I love my dogs I've had ones passed and now I'm raising her daughter there the bed f2f friends I've ever had I love and care for as well watch over my family I'm strongly connected to them although it feels there are not to me..

I've got the curse as I call it of just knowing things I know what others are thinking most of the time and I know when they're lying or not I know when something is going to happen to some one but I never know anything for myself I love to help and serve both equally it's my other passion aside from cooking I often of people I've never met only later meet them in life I think of someone I've not seen in a long a black here there presenting them selves again into my life often in just minutes even I don't what all this and it frustrated and even scares me my aria is violet and I seem to not be able to find my soul mate even though :: can feel out here some were I love kids they seem to adore me to but often am afraid I'll fetched chance to feel and know what it's like to have rd a family of my own I closely feel a connect to the numbers 11 and 22 all the time yet I was born on the thirteenth what does it all mean is there anybody who's what I'm and can help I don't know much about numerology, but I know your going to be ok budy.

Much love. My dad passed away on 13 January and the love of his life, my mom on 13 January Can someone help me figure out what 13 13 13 means? I've felt It has some meaning in numerology. I'm also attached to the numbers 8 5 2 I've seen them a lot when I was a child and we ended up living in a building that's number is 8 on floor 5 and apartment number 2.

At least twice a day, for the past 10 years, no matter what time I look at the clock it's always 13 minutes past the hour Can anyone tell me what that means? The number 13 has great power. If this power is used for selfish purposes, it will bring destruction of the self, and in turn, this will bring dis-ease and illnesses. Adapting to change gracefully will bring out the strength of the 13 vibration, and decrease any potential for the negative. As the 13 vibration is associated with genius, people under the influence of 13 need to strive to transmute all their vices into virtues.

Number 13 people go through many trials, tests and temptations in their search for the spiritual consciousness. The conscious must always be their guide as number 13 is the number of 'right judgement' and their spiritual growth is more often gained through pain rather than pleasure. The 13 energy has chosen a particular set of problems this incarnation and it will take the better part of their lives before they understand and come to terms with their difficulties.

This number needs a soul mate and generally has difficulties up until the age of 30 or so. The same might happen if you're working on a project that you have high hopes for. If you're only working on faith and forget the brass tacks, the happy ending you're hoping for might never materialize. Fortunately, the universe will provide a simultaneous opportunity for you to ground all of this idealism into something real -- as long as you remember to keep your eyes open.

Neptune will make a supportive sextile to stabilizing Saturn on January 31, June 18, and again on November 8. This impossible dream you have doesn't have to be unattainable. All you need to do is combine your vision with a solid plan. In other news, starts out with Uranus finishing up his trek through Aries for good. Until March 6 he'll travel through the last degree of this sign, reminding us how to use our sense of independent, pioneering spirit in a way that is liberating without being reckless. Once Uranus enters Taurus on March 6, he'll remain here through April The foundation of your life is bound to crack in some way in order to alert you to the fact that it's no longer serving as a solid base, but rather a suffocating boundary.

Don't be afraid to reinvent yourself in terms of your values and your place in the material world. It's time. A great number for tourism is a 5. It is all about travel and energy and people. I might also consider an 8 which is successful and abundant. When I work with people we come up with several names that fit your vision and your destiny. Let me know if you would like further assistance through a reading. Lots of luck! Hi Greer, will a business name with expression number 3 dealing in business coaching n consulting good?

The vision of the company is to help client find their highest vision n coach them to achieve the same through set processes.

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The person involved in this business has a life path 9 6th May Many thanks for your insight! Hi Marty, A three is an excellent vibration for a coaching and consulting business as it represents creativity and self expression. Seven is a number of inner reflection, so I would suggest going with the 3 cause it is more out there and will help you to express your vision to others and help them. The seven will help you work with people on the shadow, but it might benefit you better to have a friendlier number like the 3. Can you add LTD instead of private limited?

LTD adds to a 9. Adding a nine to anything cancels itself out so it will still have a 3 expression number. A life path of 9 is about transformation so that is perfect for coaching.. Can you help me? We are trying to think of a great name for our business but were having problems. We are in the refurbishment of paint of lorrys, trucks, plant machinery, containers and feel its difficult to pin one down. Our industry is commercial where we will be doing this service to transportation, refrigeration, haulage companies.

Please will you guide in the right direction? We really need to make this new business work. Thank you Jenny. Hello Jenny, thanks for the question. Working in the refurbishment of paint industry for transportation and plant machinery is an important service. It is a service where you would want your customer to have trust and know that you are the best out there and the most dependable. For this reason, I believe having a 4 in the vibration which is grounding and the builder would be important. Also you would want the name to be catchy as there may be a lot of services out there. The name should illustrate in some way your service.

I would be happy to help further if you would like to schedule a reading. We could come up with several names and look at their vibrations.

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Please send me an email if you would like to go further. Much luck and hope this helps! Hi , my life path is 3, so is my husband. And no success in career. Thinking of starting a business. Can you help. Hello Rose, Your question is tall order. I will break it down a bit, but will need more info from you.

A life path of 3 is one of communication and creative expression. Be it art, music, writing, speaking. It is a path of connecting and communicating with others and being creative. If you are not happy, sometimes it is about that you are having stress in the vibration.. How are you expressing yourself? What can you learn to feel clearer, more creative and joyful in your journey? I know this is very general. Perhaps, if you would like, we could set up a session for a private reading and we can go more in depth. We will work together analyzing your alter ego as well as your strengths and challenges and themes for this year.

My Business is about coaching for school, college, education, career, life, relationship etc. I have 2 choices for names. Which one can I choose? Hi Finding the correct business names has a lot to do with your vision for a successful business. I will check your two names with my mini business reading.. If you desire, I can check it out. What number shall the name of my business carry? HI Tom, Well this is a pretty general question.

When I work with my clients, there is a lot to consider. What is your vision for your company? Who is the client? Then we brainstorm different ideas to meet your desire and to have fun in your business while being successful. But in a general way, for a cosmetic company, I would think that 5 for energy and charisma, perhaps 2 for connection and magnetism and 8 for abundance and success.

If you would be interested in working with me to brainstorm name ideas and the best number for your success which will also keep in consideration your destiny number , I would be happy to set up a session. Many blessings, Greer. I was thinking about names. Can you kindly suggest the most suitable? Also looking for the right color for the name.

HI Paul, Thanks for your interest in my site. Finding that perfect name for your business is an important one and one that takes a bit of time. I would be happy to help you in this process. I see you have several ideas for your travel business. In general, a name for travel would be one that would have a 5 in it. Five is all about travel, fun and people enjoying their time together. A color, now there is an interesting question. I would say a color that is bright and out there, making people feel happy and active.

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It really depends on your logo and your taste. But I would say oranges, greens, yellows would be active colors while blues and purples would be more inward, spiritual colors. Hope this helps. If you would like to work further on a name perfect for you, we could set up an appointment through paypal. See link in this post. I am in progress of taking a franchise of an Education Company for Kids from 2 — 18yrs.

I have thought of the several names and I want to know which one will support me in meeting my goals the best. Your help and guidance will be deeply appreciated!!! Hello Pani, Thank you for writing, your vision is quite wonderful. It is hard to answer your question in a three sentence synopsis. What I can tell you is that working with children, you would want a 6 somewhere and probably a 9 would help in inspiration and guidance.

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I would be happy to do a reading for you through skype, if you would like. Many blessings and success! I am planning to set an automobile workshop, my birth number is 5 and my life number is 7. I want to start business name with S or N. Please suggest lucky name number to be successful in the business. I personally like 5 or 9. Hi Rakesh, congratulations on you automobile workshop.

When I work with clients, we do an analysis where we brainstorm on several ideas of names as well as incorporating your business visions and values for success. That said, for an automobile business.. I think 5 would be good as it represents freedom and travel as well as energy to connect with others. Let me know if I can assist you further with a reading. All the best, Greer Here is the link to learn more.

Hi we have come up with a name for our Interior designing company. The expression number is coming to 8. HI Anita, An 8 is an excellent expression number for an interior design company cause it is all about success and abundance! I would also suggest a 4 in the name as it is all about the home.

If you would like to work further with me on picking a perfect and successful name, here is the link. Can you suggest a name? Hello Padma, I would say that an online jewelry business could be a very lucrative business. I would say that 3 for creativity and 5 will attract people to your site. I would love to work with you on a name. Here is the link to more information about my business readings. My calculator works in the format we use in the US.

I am in the process of setting up a wedding favors online business and have two business names in mind. First adds up to 3 and the second to 5. Which number would you suggest will be more successful for my business. Thanks in advance. Sorry Kari, for the delay. I have been inundated with requests for business names. In general, I would wand my wedding favor line to have a 5. Three is good as well. Five is all about people and celebration. Three is all about communication and creativity. To do a full reading, we will need the names of your business and other ideas and together we will brainstorm on the most successful formula for a name.

We will also connect with your values and goals for your business.. Much to look at in a 1 hour private session. Here is the link to find out more. Hi Greer, First of all thanks for you kindness. I am looking for a name for my film production studio. Can you suggest one? Dear Kumal, A film production studio sounds fascinating. With your life path of 8, which is all about charisma, success and abundance, you are on your journey! An 8 destiny is not afraid to be out in the public eye and will do very well as a leader and director, overseeing all the aspects of a successful production studio.

When I work with people on their business names, it is very thorough, working with your vision and the names that have already been inspired by you. It is important work to be involved with the naming of your business.. That said, I would say the numbers 8 leadership, success and abundance and 5 entertainment, people oriented, outgoing and charismatic would both be successful numbers to have. I am looking to start an online business for the web and social media. Can you please guide me on this as far as what suits me. Hello Ashek. A social media and web business should prove to be very lucrative!

I would say that finding a name with 5s people oriented and 8s success and abundance would be the way to go. You have an eight destiny. Eight is all about success and abundance and leadership. So you definitely have the characteristics to have a successful business. It makes a difference in the calculator formula Here is the link. When I work with clients, we begin with a brainstorming session including your ideas. Then I come in with various charts and other alternatives for names if some would work better than others.

We work together to brainstorm what are the best numerical combinations and expression numbers that fit you, your goals and success of your company. Let me know if you would like to proceed in a session with me. My customers will primarily be international tourist but with a low budget.

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My vision is to gradually convert my budget resort into a luxury resort. Now i give a small numerology detail about myself. Dear Gina, You have a wonderful vision to transform your budget resort into a higher end resort. With an 11 life path, you have the inspirational ideas to succeed. I would be happy to help you with the project however would need much more information about your ideas and values before proceeding.

If you are interested in a one hour reading, we will take much time before the session brainstorming on ideas and visions for your business. In the meantime, the hotel and tourist business would attract the 5 theme as it is all about travel and entertainment and having a good time. You might also consider an 8 for success and abundance. Let me know if I can further assist you.

Best regards, Greer. Hello Greer, I am planning to start a business of hair styling device designed by me. The target customer group will be women. My life path number is 2. Thank you, Best regards. Hi Bali, Thank you for your interest in my services. You might be interested in this link which is about hair and the business names. Having a 2 life path is perfect as you will connect well with people especially women. HI Anil, This is such a good question, I wrote a blog about it. The answer is yes definitely. Read more here. Hello, I would like to start a gold and precious stones importing business in Mauritius.

I am stuck in finding the right name for the business. I have figured out a few names. Can you help? HI Rakesh, wow first thing that comes to my mind is to have an 8 expression. Eight is all about abundance and success. With this life purpose you will need to connect with your inner values as it refers to your business. In other words, how do you want to inspire your clients and yourself in your work?

The seven is all about truth and integrity and connecting to spirit. Here is my calculator that will tell you more about your destiny numbers. If you would like me to work with you on coming up with a business name, I would be honored to. Here is the link to register and start the process. Hello, Greetings of the day! I am interested in starting a new venture which will is trading in gents garments and accessories and ladies hand bags.

I have a couple of possible names. Can you tell me which names would be beneficial for my business? Thank you. Thank you for your interest in my site. Your two names are very interesting. I would say in a general way, that garments and handbags would do well with a 5 energy as it is all about people and also I would look at 8 for success. If you would like to work further with me on brainstorming the most successful name, I would be happy to do so.

Here is the link for my hour session which includes charts and digital recording through skype.

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Dear Shari, I will answer you privately on your particular name. Thank you for the compliment. As far as the artist name, Many of my clients come up with a creative name for their work. Example would be Queen Latifah. Used to be Dana Owens as a kid before becoming a rapper. Her new name suited her so much better as an outgoing entertainer. If you would like, I can work with you on your new name in a private 90 or 60 minute reading. Check out my home page for the info. Hi Greer, Greetings of the day!

If I add up my name it gives me number 4 and if I add up my date of birth it gives me number 1. I want to start a new business. Please suggest some ideas. Hi Nick, I changed your name on this comment to allow privacy. Thanks for your interest. There is much to finding a business name, and I would love to work with you. We look at your expression number and your destiny numbers, to get an idea of your life purpose, yes.

But there is so much more. When I do an analysis, I ask many questions, such as what are your goals for your business and who is your client? Then we come up with a list of names. Most important is that the names come from you and what you want to accomplish. Just off the top of my head a four expression number would be a someone who is clear and concise and a builder. Like Martha Stewart or Bill Gates.

And with a 1 destiny, you are a leader for sure. Hi Greer, I am looking to launch my Tarot website. Total of my full name is 1. Hello Binny, good luck on your Tarot site!!! In fact, Numerology4yoursoul is a 7 expression. It is a quieter vibration though.. Hope this helps and lots of luck: If you would like more info on my readings, see the link in this post.

I want to start a Child Day Care Business.. My expression number is Six is all about love and children and teaching and compassion. If you would like to work with me on your business name, I offer complete readings with lots of brainstorming via skype. Also I have quick answers to your business questions which would include ideas. You can find the links on this page for more information on my readings.. Wishing you much success!! If the company name is two charactor??

Hi Anil, Good question. When figuring out a business name yes, you add the sum of both names. I changed the proposed business name on your comment so as to allow privacy for your name: If you would like further information and a reading, I will be humbly at your service. Here are links to two different options. The first option will work on names the second one will be a complete analysis and much brainstorming on the perfect name for you. We want this to scale in other markets and people should remember easy and it gets fame.

Hi Barry, thanks for your interest. In general pizza brings up fun and ease to me. It can be a place of great social connection. Perhaps a 5 would be good cause it will be very popular and would bring people in as 5 is all about charisma and fun and energy. If you would like to work more on the names I would be happy to work with you through a business reading. Check out on this post the link to my service. Hello Leo, ah a martial arts gym..

I would say a 5 would be excellent for this as it is very energetic and deals with people. I would be happy to work with you to find names that suit your success and your destiny numbers. What expression number is suitable for divination services like tarot reading and reiki healing? Hello Hasu, I would say 7 or 9 would be great for reaching within to do readings. Perhaps 9 would be better as the 7 is about spirituality but a bit introverted, so promoting your services might not be on the forefront.

If you would like further assistance on choosing a name, feel free to contact me or click on the link on this page to schedule a reading. There is a lot more involved in creating a successful name than trying to sum up a perfect numerological vibration. We look at your values and your destiny numbers and your vision for the business.

I Just read your topic. I want to start a business on Computer work and get some contractual business from my website. I am looking for the right name for my Business. Thanks for your interest in my services. You will need to find a name that is striking and people will remember. Many numbers can be computer related and it all depends on your vision and values and destiny and clients you want to reach. I would say in general.. When I work with clients we find the specific name that works for you and your success.

Let me know how I can assist you.. You can see my links for my services on this page. Your business sounds fascinating. I love the idea, I am all about creativity myself. I would say that working with a successful company creating visual effects would do well having a 3 creativity in its expression, or an 8 for abundance.. When I work with someone on a name it involves a lot of brainstorming, working with your vision, charts and your destiny. Plus an hour session with me through skype. See link below for more about this.

HI Vijay, I would say electronics would do well with a 4 as it is all about building and everything having its place.. Then we look at names that your are attracted to. We might want to have a 44 in the expression.. If you are interested in working further with me, check out the links below for finding a business name reading. Much success to you and thanks for your interest in my site. HI Ameeth, business supplies and corporate gifts..

I would say probably a 4 organized and successful , or 8 powerful and successful. If you would like to work more on the names, see the links below for my readings.

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Hi Greer, My businesses name number is a 7. It will be a stables with a pony club for children, with myself teaching and also specialising in the breaking in and training of young horses. My dream is of a stables with the utmost respect and love for the horse with a fun loving atmosphere where children and adults can come away from the chaos of everyday life and be one with what they love. Your opinion would be very much appreciated.

Hi Sarah, Your service sounds wonderful. Where are you located? I would be happy to work with you on your business name. In general, 7 is a quiet expression that loves beauty and understanding the inner thoughts in a spiritual way. Searching for truth, balance and inner meaning to the world. Connecting to nature and beauty. Perhaps communicating with horses would be the way to do this. It is a quiet expression though and would be one that would have to be marketed more by word of mouth and people sharing their wonderful experiences.

Business will grow in a slow but steady way. If you would like to work further with me to look at the name ideas and perhaps come up with some o f my own, I would be happy to. See the link in this post to find out more about my business readings. Many blessings and thank you for your service! Hi I am opening a dental clinic, which number best suits the clinic name! I was born on 20th April Hello Badri, Lots of luck on your dental clinic! It is a great service for people. Your destiny birthday added up is Nine is all about transformation and is also very scientific and intuitive.

There is so much more to look at when you look for a successful business name, but I would say a 9 expression the sum of all the numbers in the business name would be great. A 4 would be good as well as it is all about organization and detail.. Six is good as well for healing.. As you can see, there is more to it than a simple answer. When I work with people on their brand name it is very personal to you, the kind of business you have, your customer and your values.

Then we work on how you would like to express yourself to your customer through the name and what your aspirations are for your business. A perfect and successful expression number is considered through numerology, the business name and your destiny number. My analysis includes many suggestions for a powerful name for you and a one hour Skype session which will go over all the names and options.

I would be honored to work with you. See links below for more information on my readings and fees. Hello Joy, Thanks for your question on numerology. You might enjoy this post which talks about beauty parlors! I would say that in general if you are looking for a successful name for your beauty parlor, than you would look for an expression number of 5 people oriented and entertainment, charisma attracting people to you and people to your service.

But there are a few things I look at before proceeding when I do readings. If you would like me to answer your question about Lotus Beauty World or a variation of it, I would be happy to give you a short analysis via email. Use this link to schedule a reading. Hi Greer I am starting a business in energy healing and transformation, empowering people on their journey.

I will also be selling intuitive flower essences and inspirational quote wall art. I have heard that it is good for the business name to be in harmony with your numbers. What would be best? Hi Mariette, Ah, very similar to my business, all about Transformation. I would use numbers like 7 and But to get the business off the ground quickly, you might go with a 5 or 8.

So you see, there is so much more to working with a successful business name, I cannot answer with a reply. I take much in consideration before recommending a name. I have two options. One would be a short session which would cover 1 or 3 names. The other would be an intensive analysis of your name including several new suggestions. Click here for more options. Hi Remya, to come up with a name for a business, I look at many things.

Your birthname, vision, audience and what your want for your business. As far as a number for a jewelry business.. To many variables to commit to one number. If you would like to work with me on brainstorming and coming up with a name that works for you, see the links below for more info on my readings. I would like to start a departmental store business as a company name. Please suggest which company name that will be suitable for it.

Hello Nataraj A department store is a big investment. Much good fortune and success! There is so much more to working with a successful business name, I cannot answer with a simple solution. A department store would probably require much organization and building 4 and enterprise 8 and 5. But much has to do with you as well. If you would like further guidance, I have two options.